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Back in Pokemon Yellow, there was a glitch with the potion and Pikachu:
1. Take potion from PC.
2. Receive Pikachu.
3. Make sure Pikachu has full HP.
4. Use potion.
5. Spam it.
6. Eventually, Pikachu's happiness will be 100.
Now, does this still work in other Generations, or am I wasting my time with Pichu?

Thanks to Mega_Sceptile for the answer.

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Items other than TMs and HMs will cause Pikachu's friendship to increase even if they do not have any effect and are not consumed. For example, attempting to use a Potion when Pikachu has full HP or is fainted will still increase its friendship. This was fixed in Generation II.

No, you cannot use Potions when a Pokemon is at full health to give it happiness in any other Pokemon game, excluding Yellow.