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On my first run of the game, I was in the final battle with Faba + Aether Employee alongside Hau. Faba was down to his last Pokemon, Bruxish, on low health. I had my full health Charjabug out and Hau had his full-health Primarina. Faba's Bruxish used Psychic Fangs on Charjabug and brought it down to half health and Hau's Primarina activated a Z-Move and used Hydro Vortex. There's one gigantic problem with this: Hau used his Z-Move on my Charjabug.

Is there an explanation to this? Is Z-Move AI bugged? Did it see that Bruxish resisted Hydro Vortex (despite it being able to KO) and instead went for the next available target? Is it because Sparkling Aria hits multiple foes and your ally is affected first in the spread move priority (as in if you used Earthquake in a double battle, your other Pokemon would faint before the opponent's?)? I'm almost to this same point in a Nuzlocke and I really don't want Hau to kill one of my 'Mons with a friendly fire Z-Move. Has anyone experienced this phenomenon as well, and does anyone have an explanation?


primarina's z-move hits all pokemon in battle, if i recall. and if thats the case, then thats why Hau's primarina hit your charajabug. either that or Hau just wanted a little payback (which isn't possible for a friend AI in the story if your fighting together)
I thought all Z-Moves were single target?
nope. some z-moves hit a single target, others hit all of the pokemon other than the user.
this definitely seems like a glitch to me. there may be some factors to this like were you online and things like that but it is very interesting that such an error can occur keep an eye out for if something like this happens agagin
@The Blazing Emissary HelloBloons stated that it wasn't Primania's specific Z-Move, but instead the Standard water type Z-Move.

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It seems like there are a couple of bugs in sun and moon that were never noticed for example yesterday my greninja's water shuriken got priority over a npc's quick attack. Hope I helped (also water shuriken is not a priority move)

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That's not a glitch, when two pokemon use a priority move, the faster one goes first, in this case, your Greninja.
Water Shuriken is, in fact, a priority move, but few people know.