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Feraligatr needs a good partner, and probably would be best if it was a fire or ice type Pokemon. So, can someone give me a good moveset to go with my Feraligatr's?

Feraligatr's moveset and other things.

Feraligatr Lv. 58 @ Quick Claw
Impish nature. ( + Defense, -Special Attack)
Evs: 2 Attack, 1 defense.
Ivs: Unsure

Ice Fang
Hydro Cannon

And this has to be a Pokemon I do not have to trade for. This is SoulSilver.

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can someone please answer
That Feraligatr, is one of a kind.
The 2 attack 1 defense thing is the EV YIELD, which is the same for all Pokemon of the same species and has nothing to do with how the Pokemon performs in battle. Actual EVs are almost always hidden. Also, why do you have both hydro cannon and surf?
I did not want to teach one of my others the HM Surf, so that's why. And Hydro Cannon works perfectly, finishing off a Trainer's pokemon. ( The one of the others is Lugia, who already has Hydro Pump AND 2 other water type moves)
Firstly, Surf is not the problem. Hydro Cannon makes you recharge and that is bad in so many different ways. Cut is plain awful. Lugia shouldn't have more than one Water type moves, as that is unnecessary and you could have moves of other types to cover other types (e.g Aeroblast, Ice Beam, Psychic). Having 4 water moves only lets you hit Fire, Rock and Ground super effectively. Not good
Lugia already has Aeroblast, as it's only flying type move. And Cut.... well no other pokemon on my team could learn it, so I had to give it to Feraligatr
Good to know tooo. I am planning now to get  a Totodile egg, so I could teach it Cut and Hydro Cannon.
How many times do we have to tell you that hydro cannon sucks and just about anything, like waterfall, aqua jet, or crunch is better?
but my Gyrados already knows waterfall. I only like to have one Pokemon knowing the HM moves.
If you already have a water type physical attacker, why do you even have Gyarados? Even if you do, two waterfalls is still better than hydro cannon.

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First of all, change your Feraligatr set to this:

Feraligatr @ Life Orb
Nature, EVs and IVs don't matter since this is in-game,
Ability - Torrent
- Waterfall (Main STAB)
- Ice Fang (Coverage)
- Brick Break (Coverage)

Your partner should be Pinsir, who you can get at the National Park (Bug catching contest). His moveset should be:

Pinsir @ Choice Scarf
Nature, EVs and IVs don't matter since this is in-game,
Ability - Mold Breaker
- X-scissor (STAB)
- Close Combat (Coverage)
- Stone Edge (Coverage)
- Earthquake (Coverage)

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Brick break  and crunch don't cover any weaknesses. Replace them with dragon dance, swords dance or aqua jet
DDance and SD aren't needed since this is in-game. When I do a play-through, I want to hit as many types as I can super-effectively. So... Yeah.
By the way, you should keep in mind that TMs were single use back then, so he might not want to teach brick break, stone edge, or earthquake until he got into competitive (or never, like I did).
If he's going to play competitive: a) He wouldn't be playing SoulSilver and b) He wouldn't be using  Feraligatr, even if he's playing UU. There are better physical attackers in UU.
Exactly. So why are you still suggesting use of TM moves?