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Modest, evs: 6hp, 252 S.attack, 252 speed
item: scope lens
Ability: Sniper
Ice beam(Coverage)
Agility(boosts speed enough so it doesn't need to be timid)

Even with modest nature his S.attack can only be 317 so he will not be destroying everything but with sniper if he criticals it is like 951 so it is awesome.

You mean 4 HP EVs, right? 6 is useless, you won't get the last two points.
I know
252+252+6 = 510

you can't utilize those two leftovers EVs no matter what lol.

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How is this a strategy? Seems like a basic Kingdra set. One that isn't as good as an old Swift Swim Kingdra set.

I agree, how is it a strategy??
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I think it is a good strategy. The Agility is really good, after a few of those you can really hit hard w/ dragon pulse and surf. Nice.