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So I'm practicing using my Delphox in competitive play. I'm using this Smogon strategy:

Delphox @Leftovers
-Fire Blast (STAB)
-Psychic (STAB)
-Grass Knot (Good coverage)
-Calm Mind (Stat booster)

But it hasn't been doing so great defensively. I should probably just use Calm Mind as soon as I can at the start of battle, but I also think that maybe I should replace Grass Knot with Substitute for protection.

I haven't found many situations where I needed to use Grass Knot, but it's still a good move and I don't want to get rid of it. But Substitute?

What do you guys think?


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Substitute may really help if you want to use Delphox as a set up sweeper but as you said Grass knot is a good move.I would suggest Substitute as Grass knot will only be useful against heavy Pokemon

Using Substitute instead. It's working like a charm! Thank you!
Happy I was of some use. Enjoy winning and all the best from me.