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Did I answer wrong or do I have to wait? My answers were:

What are Pokemon to you?

What helps you win battles?

What trainers do you wish to battle?
Weak. (Changed it to both when he asked again)

What is most important for raising Pokemon?
(Forgot what I answered, most likely Love though)

Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. Which is more important?

Now I know he can just give you a normal Dratini, but I didn't receive a Dratini at all! Did I mess something up or did I glitch it?

Have you tried exiting the building and coming back in, talking to him again? I'm not sure other than that.
Yes, you do have to exit the cave and go back to get Dratini.
Have you checked your PC? (just a guess)

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To get the extreme speed Dratini, you first have to pick all the correct answers on your first try (otherwise, you will get a regular Dratini). After that, you have to reach the Pokemon league and enter the league's building. After that you return to get the Dratini, and you need to leave an open slot in your party to get it. Correct answers for extreme speed dratini: What are Pokemon to you-Ally What helps you win battles-Training What trainers do you wish to battle-Both What is most important for raising Pokemon-love and Strong Pokemon, Weak Pokemon, Which is more important-Both Source: Experience

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You don't need to beat the league to get the Dratini. You just need to leave the building after getting the all the questions correct and go back into the building to get your Dratini.
I felt like something about my answer was off. Thanks for that correction.
But I didn't get a Dratini at all. I passed but never got my Dratini.
You've even gone to the pokemon league and came back?