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Golisopod's ability in Sun/Moon. The text description is kinda vague. Does it switch out before it gets hit by a move that will bring it down to 50%? If not, then will it switch out immediately on being hit? Or will it switch out at end of turn, meaning it gets to attack first?

Answer only if you know for sure. And don't just give me the "The Pokémon, sensing danger, switches out when its HP becomes half or less." I know that. But I want to know exactly how the ability ends up working out.

I assume it is just a rename of Wimp Out, but more suiting to a badass mechabug.

Alright, here's the leaked description of the Ability (I think):
"The Pokemon switches out when its HP becomes half or less."

Compared to Wimp Out:
"When this Pokémon's HP drops below half in battle, it will run away or swap out for another Pokémon."

Now look at the gameplay footage of Wimp Out:

It seems pretty obvious that Wimp Out activates as soon as HP drops below half, similar to Eject Button. Based on the assumption that Emergency Exit is just a more dignified name for Wimp Out, the logical assumption would be that it works the exact same way,, and that Emergency Exit activates as soon as Golisopod is attacked.
On top of that, if it activated at the end of the turn, I feel as though it would be mentioned in the description. Perhaps something along the lines of:

"When the Pokémon's HP becomes half or less, it takes one last swing and then makes a hasty retreat."

However, nothing like this is mentioned in the description of Emergency Exit, and that would be a pretty big feature to leave out, ESPECIALLY because it appears to be a reskin of Wimp Out. If there was a difference between the two Abilities, it would be mentioned in the description.

TL;DR if it were any different than Wimp Out there would probably be something in the description, but I can't say for certain because I have not seen the Ability in action. My answer is logically speculative.
Here's my guess:

Emergency Exit: The Pokémon, sensing danger, switches out when its HP becomes half or less.

I think that Golisopod only switches out at half HP or less when **hit by a super effective move**, which is danger to it. Like how Croagunk shudders with its Anticipation when the opponent knows a super effective move, like Psychic for example. Golisopod sure isn't a wimp, so it shouldn't switch out when it's HP is halved by a normally effective or not very effective attack. But if it is hit with Aerial Ace(example), then yeah, it would want to switch.

IRL Comparison: You don't need to go to the Emergency Room if you get a paper cut on your finger or you bruise your leg, since that doesn't hurt very much. However, you absolutely need to go to the ER if you break your arm or stub your toe, since that hurts like hell.

Hopefully this helped!
PS: This is only a guess as of now, so don't count on this answer being correct
I'm guessing that that is going to be the case Astro, and that the difference in name is just Game Freak being cheeky. But we've never had an ability that did the same thing change name in an evolutionary line before, so there is a possibility of it being different. I hope it's not Wimp Out though. Golisopod is my favorite Gen VII Pokemon, and Wimp Out would basically kill it. ;-;
Yeah, it kind of sucks. But, a free switch does let it use First Impressions again. I found this writeup about Golisopod:
That's good against anything neutral or weak to Bug, but it means it ends up having big problems with something that can resist it. It also really hurts with hazards, especially since it takes 25% from Rocks. Plus I'm not really wanting to use First Impression ingame, at least not until I get to whatever Battle Tower/Subway they have in the endgame.
All good points. But as far as in-game goes, nothing will keep me from using Golisopod (except maybe the water spider Pokémon).
Water spider sadly has awful stats. Just like every non-Legend/Ultra Beast this Gen. :(
I guess we can't have both sweet designs and good stats, we gotta pick one :(

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Good question. Here's what I found out:

The Pokémon, sensing danger, switches out when its HP becomes half or less.

Pay attention to the part where it says 'switches out when'. So let's say that a Golisopod is in battle with an opposing Tapu Koko. Tapu Koko uses its Z-move, Guardian of Alola (cuts HP by 75%). After Golisopod gets hit by that, it switches out. It works in the same way the ability of Golisopod's previous evolution (Wimpod), which is Wimp Out. Emergency Exit is like an evoloution of Wimp Out, just with the same effects.


Hope I helped!

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golisopod switches out when his hp becomes half or less as it says in it's description.Hope I helped (:

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The ability Emergency Exit does is when the user is bellow 50 percent or at 50 percent,the user will be forced to switch and.
If the opponents attack you first and you have 50percent and lower hp,you will lose your turn(its like u-turn,but you will not use any damage)

Hope it helps(ik its confusing)