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I hear that somewhere on Poni island there's a place where you can catch a wimpod that's high leveled enough to evolve after just one level. Is this true, and if it is, where is it? Also, what part of that zone? and what does the massive geaser in poni breaker coast do, I know it does something...
also, is there some requirement to make them spawn?

Meesa Wanta bombad Golisopod

You mean Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon or Sun/Moon?
Sun and Moon. ^^^
Overleveled Wimpods can appear in ambush encounters in Poni Wilds and Poni Breaker Coast.
But which parts of the area? that was mentioned.

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Well I found my high levelled Wimpod at Poni Breaker Coast and I think mine was about lvl 50 or 45.

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I asked for very specific scpecificness on location and what causes it to appear. also, I'm really curious about the geyser.
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Well... The geyser doesn’t do anything that I’ve noticed however you have to touch the wimpod really quick (Just use a Torus Charge) to Battle it... That is all I can say... (This is my knowledge on Wimpods...) And okay... I don’t care about DownVotes...
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doesn't matter anymore, I already found these overleveled wimpods, then all of a sudden they started appearing *like crazy* so I was able to farm a bunch of golisopods for the GTS. yay!
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