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Sorry if the title wasn't very descriptive.

So, I have Pokèmon White and White 2, and haven't been playing much...because I'm kinda bored for now. But my cousin has a friend(who I met) who has Pokèmon Black and White 2(and a 3DS), and we got all excited because we could battle and stuff. Sadly, I didn't get my DSi to my cousin's house, so we couldn't do anything anyways.

Next time I go, I'll get my DSi and games too, but now that I think about it, what all can we both do, aside from trade version-exclusive Pokèmon and battle each other?


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There are plenty of things you can do aside from trading:

  1. Any features on the C-gear (including Friend Code Exchange, Feeling check, etc).

  2. Passing by, where messages can be exchanges and support powers can be received by you two.

  3. Join Avenue, where your characters will show up in the "mall" you've created between route four and Nimbasa city.

Note that these aren't as immediate as trading and battling, and it may not involve much interaction between you and the other player. Most of these are more similar to streetpass and spotpass.

Source: Playing the game with friends