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they look similar and they are both weak to fighting, and is in the field group.

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Lol, I only realized how similar they are now.
who downvoted me, and why?
Breed a Ditto with a Lycanroc and get a Midnight Lycanroc... then breed the same Ditto with a Zoroark and get another Zoroark... they'd be stepbrothers/sisters, if that's what you mean.
@SylveonRulez Oh, never thought of it that way.

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It also resembles a werewolf, due to the fact that it is an anthropomorphic canid, like most werewolves. Its large claws are also werewolf-like.

Lycanroc's Midday Form appears to be based on a wolf, while its Midnight Form appears to be based on a werewolf.

Zoroark and Lycanroc Midnight Form are based on werewolves. As far as we know, Zoroark and Lycanroc Midnight Form aren't related in any major way.

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