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I was playing pokémon sun and I found a blue lycanroc in the vast poni canyon after 8 encounters (i think)

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That is a shiny Lycanroc. You have a 1/4096 chance of encountering one - please tell me you caught it? Shiny Pokemon Are super rare, and they have different coloring than normal Pokemon.

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That’s just how randomness works. Sometimes you get lucky and find a shiny after almost no encounters.
@SYL didi he ever ask about that in the questions?
@SYL Oh, sorry! I'm not usually the type to get sarcasm so I guess we're equal here.

Also, just letting you in on a secret here, I was the person who upvoted this answer.
No its 1/4096 not 4000. The guy in the GameFreak building says about 4000. ABOUT. He didn't say exactly. This has caused the misconception.
Dude I know the chances. I just messed up my answer, I meant to say about before that. I will edit it.