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tough claws swords dance priority good coverage naturally fast

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Lycanroc-D is one of the best Focus Sash users in the Isle of Armor metagame due to its access to all of Counter, Endeavor, Stealth Rock, and a unique STAB priority move.

Accelerock allows Lycanroc-D to effectively pick off weakened targets and has great coverage against Fire-type sweepers such as Charizard and Volcarona.

Counter allows Lycanroc-D to successfully beat Dracozolt, Durant, and other physical Dynamax sweepers, which are most likely to run all-out attacking sets and get KOed after taking a Counter. This set almost requires Focus Sash to remain intact, so be wary of Lycanroc-D taking residual damage if the opponent still has physical sweepers in play.

Close Combat allows Lycanroc-D to hit Ferrothorn and many other Steel-types harder than its STAB coverage, and gets a Tough Claws boost, unlike many of its higher-Base Power STAB moves.

Stealth Rock allows Lycanroc-D to support sweepers on its team, helping break opposing Focus Sash and weakening opposing Charizard and Lapras.

Endeavor allows Lycanroc-D to also defeat many special attackers one-on-one, but be wary of Dynamaxed foes, which will only go to half health if Lycanroc is put to 1 HP.

Swords Dance allows Lycanroc-D to become less passive and punishes opponents that try to play around its somewhat predictable Focus Sash strategies.

Rock Tomb can be used to provide speed control for incoming sweepers, allowing the likes of Dracozolt and Urshifu-R to outspeed many threats to their sweep.

It has a solid priority move, can provide speed control and hazards, can boost its Attack to become an effective sweeper, it can effectively deal with physical attackers, and it can break through Steel types.


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Why are you quoting a BSS analysis? What happens in BSS has nothing to do with whether a Pokemon is broken in UU.
My mistake, I didn't realize I was quoting BSS. I would assume at least some of the points hold true, however.
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The Dusky Dog has long been a top threat in UU, having received a gigantic buff this gen in Close Combat. Boosted by Tough Claws, Close Combat does even more damage than Stone Edge, while also possessing significantly better accuracy and offensive typing. With its incredible Speed tier, two strong priority moves in Tough Claws-boosted Accelerock and Sucker Punch, and a great offensive movepool that includes Crunch to punch through Psychic types or Iron Head to threaten Galarian Weezing, Lycanroc has managed to even jump ahead of Terrakion as the number one breaker and cleaner in the tier.

Lycanroc-Dusk has been on the cusp of being voted on several times before, but always a more pressing threat has emerged. However, the recent shifts and bans have been especially kind to it. Losing Jirachi meant losing one of the few Scarfers that didn't fear a +2 Accelerock (though Sucker Punch was still a threat). Losing Skarmory meant waving goodbye to one of the few defensive Pokemon that could live an attack at +2 and KO back with Body Press.

While Lycanroc-Dusk is incredibly threatening, all is not perfect for the Very Good Boy. Its poor bulk means it has difficulty setting up without Screens support, leading many teams to abandon SD altogether in favor of four attacks with a Life Orb or Choice Band. It also is not entirely devoid of checks. Galarian Weezing is still an excellent pivot (though it must beware of Iron Head or Psychic Fangs, both of which 2HKO even defensive Weezing unboosted). Other good fighting checks such as Colbur Palossand can comfortably come into Lycanroc as long as Colbur is not broken. And on the offensive end, Scarf users that resist Rock or Dark, especially Fighting types, serve as excellent checks even if they do not switch in.