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Recently I've begun to notice that a lot of the dates in Pokémon Sun and Moon are a little... off. For example, I just hatched an Eevee today (12/24/16), and when I was looking at it's summary, it said I hatched it February 28th, 2011. 2011? What? Another time I noticed it said I caught a Pokémon in 2006. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else before, but I'm wondering why?

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Maybe the order of the dates are just out of order? For example, instead of mm/dd/yy it's dd/yy/mm?
Have you checked the date/time settings on your hardware?
check the date of your 3ds, Someone must be constantly changing date of your 3ds.

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People are changing the date on their 3DS. The date something is caught is directly dependent on what the 3DS' time settings are.

I changed the date to test this phenomenon, and it does happen. I changed it back and the date on the first Pokemon (a Starly, in this experiment) was dated four years apart from the new one, when in fact I caught them maybe seven minutes apart. I mean, this was in DP, but it can happen in any game.

I had some idiot send me a Kyurem dated Christmas Eve 2007 back in the day when I was on the BW2 GTS.

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