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I know this might seem like an odd question, but is there any reason that Sun and Moon get released in Europe several days later than the rest of the world? This happened with OR/AS as well.

I believe it's because some European countries accidentally released XY a few days early, and Game Freak was less than pleased. I'd write this as an answer but I'm not 100% sure it's the real reason.
Jeez GF learn to take a grudge
It's far more likely that it's easier to publish and ship in Japan/US due to business things like shipping rates, licensing deals and distribution deals. Nintendo would have to delay the games coming out in Asia/The Americas/other major trade areas so that everything could be done at the same time.
the same thing happedned with oras.
If I had to guess, it probably takes more time to translate, because there are a lot more English speakers in the world. Not sure how large the U.S. fanbase is compared to other European countries as well, but that might also be a cause.
If that were true, then wouldn't it at least release in the UK at the same time as everyone else?
True I guess. Like I said, I don't know. But what PX said makes sense to me too, that America might be easier to do business with because of shipping rates and all that. It might be a combination of both. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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It's all about shipping issues such as rates, licensing and finding all the different places to retail it.

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This sounds reasonable, but you'll want to back it up with a source.
You can't really get a source outside inquiring Nintendo themselves or working in the industry and knowing first hand.
So, it's logic, then. I have no problem with it but some people get really fussy if there's no source, wanted to try and avoid strife :P
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There is no clear reason ever given by Nintendo/TPCi. Logistics is a possibility like Artist KS said, but they managed it fine with X/Y so it seems unlikely.

The most likely reason seems to be the "leaking" issues that happened with X/Y. Several shops in Europe (mostly Italy and Spain I think) broke the street date so some people got the game a week in advance and leaked tons of details before anyone else got the game. (This did also happen in Canada but the shop that did it got fined heavily and had to close.)

Having said that, they are not delaying the release in China which is notorious for piracy. Hopefully they don't end up regretting that...