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Why is the color of my Ev Trained Pokemon different from each other? One of them its yellow core with darker yellow; while the other one is yellow core with blue. Both sparkle, but why are the different colored? Does it indicate something about the Ev trained Pokemon?

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Sparkles around the stat indicate that the stat has maxed out EVs. The colour with the smaller area is the Pokemon's base stats, this would be the yellow core. As for the darker yellow or blue, those would be the EVs that have been put into the respective stat, although I don't know why they have different colours.
Maybe it has to do with region? the Japanese one is yellow core and blue. While my own breaded Pokemon are Yellow core and darker yellow stats. Both Sparkle. But I wonder why the change in colors.
To anybody reading this, It was yellow because I had not completed my evs training. I had some Evs left therefore It was yellow. Once the Ev training is completed it turns Blue.

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Yellow: Base Stats
Orange: The max EV cap of 510 has not been reached.
Blue: The EV cap has been reached

And if a stat appears to have sparkles on it, then that stat is fully EV trained.