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I am using an ingame team.

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Could you be more specific? Do you mean for competitive battling, an ingame team, or what?
It depends on the rest of your team if you need a Psychic type or fighting type.

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passimian is a bit more useful in double battles with its ability to inherit any ally ability while defiant so it work well with close combat as its attack will be raised. I am quite sure that this ability only works in double battles. oraguru is a normal/physic so it is only weak to dark/bug and its abilities inner focus or telepathy or good. telepathy is only useful in double but it prevents you from taking damage from moves like surf. both abilities are really good for double battles. orangururu's signature move is really good if you have a move like earthquake on your ally with a telepathy orangururu. anyway instruct makes it so that the target uses the same move again not that good in singles. truth be told I would of chose oragngururu because of its ability and move so it would be perfect in double battles. but both of these Pokemon are suited for doubles.

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I'm going to go ahead and make the easy assumption that you are referring to competitive battling, and this answer will reflect that. For future reference, it is usually better to provide context for your question. Because even in this instance, this could mean a number of different things depending on what that context (currently missing) actually is.

In my opinion Oranguru will see quite a bit more play, specifically with sets containing the Ability Telepathy and it's signature move, Instruct. Oranguru itself also has some decent bulk, and rather nice Special Defense to give it a bit of staying power while it works it's magic.

Basically, in a Doubles or Triple battle, you pair Oranguru with a Pokemon knowing one or more powerful multi target moves. The Ability Telepathy will protect Oranguru from any friendly fire caused by that Pokemon, allowing it to do as it pleases. Meanwhile, Oranguru will use it's signature move, Instruct, to force the ally Pokemon to immediately use it's most recently used move again. Basically, the allied Pokemon gets to attack twice in the same turn, with it's multi target attacks. For example, Instruct your Mega Kangaskan to use it's Earthquake a second time (I mean third and fourth...) each turn.