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In festival plaza I asked the fortune-teller to give me my fortune. She said that I will have decent luck in wonder trade. Does this mean that wonder trade will slightly tip the odds of getting shinies or high IV Pokemon in my favor or does it mean nothing at all.

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I'd assume that it means nothing at all, as the game can't really control what you get from Wonder Trade.

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It means you get double Festival Coins from wondertrades.

When you trade Pokemon over either GTS or Wondertrade, the avatar of the most recent person you traded with appears beside the right table inside the castle at the centre of the Plaza. If you speak to them, they will thank you for the trade and you will receive 2 FC, or 4 if the fortune teller has decreed it. The doubling will last the entire Festival Plaza day.

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It means nothing at all. The game can't control what the result of a Wonder Trade will be. I guess it's just for fun.

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