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Regigigas is at level 1 while battling him in Platinum. Also, I think you can breed manaphy with a ditto to get Phione at level 1 if I'm not wrong.
Also the events in HGSS where you could hatch a Level 1 Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina.
Are you asking for all the ways or just a few examples?
All the ways. Also tell me how all the legendaries can have moves before the level they can be caught?

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No. You can not get Mythical Pokemon at level 1. Except in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum where once you get Arceus you can summon Dialga, Palika, Or Giranthia at level 1. Otherwise There is no way to get level 1 mythical Pokemon

You didn't mention Regigigas.
Source, please?
Is that it?

That was all I could think of.