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1: Hau and Hala
They are riding Tauros together. I couldn't find an image of this one.

2: Ilima and Gumshoos

3: Olivia, Mallow and Lycanroc

4: Lana and Wishiwashi

5: Kiawe and Marowak

6: Sophocles, that other guy, and Togedemaru

7: Acerola and Mimikyu
I couldn't find this one either, but she and her kids are dancing around Mimikyu.

8: Nanu and Persian

9: Hapu, Mudsdale, and Mina

10: Guzma and Golisopod

11: Faba, Wicke, Aether Employees, and Aether Pokémon

12: Plumeria, Salzzle and Team Skull

13: Gladion and Silvally

14: Kukui, Burnet, and Rockruff

15: Lillie and Nebby (Lunala in Moon/Solgaleo in Sun)

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Thanks! The Gladion picture is funny :P