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I am going to catch Mew. So I need the best nature of it. I also have to use sync. My friends told me to take BOLD/ TIMID/ CAREFUL nature. But I think Timid One is Best for Psychic Pokemon.

What do you think?

Since it has such a versatile roleset/stat pool/movepool, you'll need to decide what you want it to do for you and your team. For example, support? Sweeper? Setup? etc.
Yeah, u gotta tell us more
Timid is not good for all Psychic pokemon. For example: Gallade. Mew could be another example depending on its role because its stats on physical and special attacks are the same, so you can make it either physical or special.
Timid/Modest for Special Sweeper. Adamant/Jolly Nature for Physical Sweeper. Timid/Jolly for support.

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Firstly because mew is a psychic Pokemon you want stab and most good psychic moves are special but also some of the best moves that mew can learn are physical so I won't go for any decrease in those. Mew has pretty good speed do I would develop on that and go for either calm or careful depending on your move set (calm for a special and careful for a physical).

Source: https://pokemondb.net/mechanics/natures

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