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I keep looking at Magearna's sprite on its stats page and I can't seem to find any difference between its normal and shiny forms. Does she have a shiny form? If not, is she shiny-locked?


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Regular Magearna does not have a shiny. However, its alternate form, Original Color Magearna, does. Unfortunately, it is shiny-locked and therefore unobtainable.
Source<---- This shows that Magearna is shiny locked.
Source<---- This shows that Magearna has an alternate form.
Source<---- This is a video by a PokeTuber that I watch where he goes through the full list of shinies. At 26:15 he gets to Magearna and you can see the Original Color form and its shiny, proving that it has a shiny.

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Is there anything about shiny Original Color Magearna in your sources? I didn't see anything.
My bad. Fixed
Alright. Thank you so much for clarifying.