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For example, if I bred a male Ingrain Trevant with a female Petilil, would the resulting Petilil have Ingrain? Or is it different?


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The main purpose of breeding is usually to obtain a Pokémon that knows
certain moves. If the male Pokémon knows moves that the baby Pokémon
is capable of learning, it will know them when it hatches from the
egg. This is a good way to reuse TMs that you taught a Pokémon and
cannot re-obtain in another way like buying.


So essentially yes. Your example would indeed work. Make sure that both Pokemon are in the same Egg Group, that the baby Pokemon being born is capable of learning said move and that the male parent has said move.

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Thanks! This will be handy to breed indestructible little 'mons to help me beat the Pokemon League
No problem, happy to help.