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It says you have to get Solgaleo in Moon by "evolving Cosmog/Cosmoem" when the evolution chart says you can level up Cosmoem to evolve to Solgaleo IN POKEMON SUN! It's the same thing for Lunala. HELP

"The confusion about Cosmoem attacks Cosmoem..." What?????????
Just click on the link and read the article and please stop spamming caps and question marks.
Tell me what "The confusion about Cosmoem attacks Cosmoem..." means.
It's just a little joke from when you said 'confusion'. He means "Confusion" as the move which deals 60 base power and is a special attack. It's just a joke, no harm done.
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The only way to get Solgaleo in Moon is by getting a Solgaleo through a trade. Cosmoem will never evolve into Solgaleo in Pokemon Moon and vice versa with Lunala in Pokemon Sun.


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