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I am playing Pokemon FireRed. I have a Pikachu at level 49 and I am struggling to find a Light Ball without any cheats or National Dex. Can anyone please help me?

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You have to trade one over from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. If you don't have any of those games, than you're out of luck.

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I am playing on an emulator. I also have ruby , sapphire and emerald. But to my knowledge, nobody can trade before beating elite 4. But I want it for elite 4. Please note that National Dex part
That's true, trading with R/S/E to FR/LG is only available post-game. Honestly, then, you're out of luck; as far as my research goes, the Light Ball is unobtainable in FireRed without trading.
Thank you for answering. I'll manage to level my pikachu to level 90 to match the elite 4.