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I thought originally dividing Silvally's EVs half for SpAtk and half Atk would be a good idea because his type can be changed but it turns out Multi-Attack is just physical move. Does that mean it will only rely on the power of Silvally's attack stat? And how would you guys recommend dividing up his EVs? Thanks.

Max physical attack and max speed.

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For your other question: yes, Multi-Attack will only use Silvally's attack stat in damage calculation.

Silvally is a Pokemon to use more as a pivot as it has access to Parting Shot, so should have maximum speed EVs and a speed boosting nature. If want Silvally to be a physical attacker, put some EVs in attack, and likewise if Silvally is a special attacker put vs in special attack; it has many great moves from both sides. I will say however, if you have Attack EVs, don't have any Special Attack EVs, and vice versa.

The rest of the EVs can be put in HP. This could be 4 EVs or hundreds, depending on how bulky you want Silvally to be, and what moves from others' you want it to live.

I sometimes use Silvally myself, and my EV spread is 252 HP / 4 SP. Atk / 252 SPD so is as bulky and as fast a pivot as possible, so can use as many parting shots as possible. It also means I can catch my opponent off-guard when I use both physical and special attacks against them with equal power, as I had no investment in either stat so there was nothing to lose.

Hope this helped!

For the "no investment in either stat", what nature are you using? A nature that decreases a useless attack stat is much better than a nature that decreases a defense stat. Also, parting shot users don't need to be fast. In fact, for most bulky pivots, it's better to take a hit and then switch out so the Pokemon switching in doesn't need to take that hit.
This is helpful! Thank you very much.