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So,I'm trying to get a Fighting type in my team,Which one should I choose?


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It really depends on the rest of your team, but I'll go out on a limb and say Scrafty.

With access to Dragon Dance and Hi Jump Kick, it's a terrifying sweeper. It's defenses are also quite good compared to most Pokemon but its typing leaves it vulnerable to other Fighting and Fairy Pokemon which seem rampant with Close Combat and Moonblast. That said, both Moxie and Intimidate are excellent and help out a lot. It can even run a Sub-Punch set.

On the other hand, except for Sub-Punch, Poliwrath doesn't stand out too much. Water Absorb is a good quality, but unless you have too many Pokemon weak to Water on your team, it doesn't help out too much. Its stats are better rounded, but that means it doesn't do too well in any thing. It can run a mixed set, but it's not that much better than Scrafty, or at all, to be honest.

I'd say go for Scrafty. Either Sub-Punch or Dragon Dance sets are recommended.

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Did you read the Tag? It is for in-game team and Scrafty only learns Dragon Dance and Punch moves by breeding. And for in-game, Sub-Punch or Dragon Dance set doesn't really matter in my opinion. Also, the asker may not have a water type in the team.
People do breed to get good ingame teams :/
Answer still appropriate. Moxie Scrafty > Water Absorb Poliwrath any day. But to be fair, you're right. I assumed asker had a Water Pokemon in team, because Poliwrath as a choice for primary Water type is not all that good. It's okay, but outclassed.
HJK + Moxie makes Scrafty much more threatening than Poliwrath. Add Crunch and Chip Away and Head Smash and you're set.
I'm pretty sure very few people breed Pokémon to have certain moves in the main story.