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ye,thats it...

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Depends on the rest of the moves, the item, the rest of the team, and the format.
It really depends on your team. If your team lacks Fire type coverage, go for Fire Fang. If lack Ice type coverage, go for Ice Fang.
It also depends if this is for competitive or in-game. Competitive, Ice Fang gives you relevant coverage so it is superior. In-game, Fire Fang covers more of your weaknesses, so it is superior.

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Fire fang, it covers Aerodactyl's ice and steel weakness but honestly I can't recommend either because his main rock STAB covers ice and Earthquake covers his Steel, Rock and Electric weakness. If you don't have acsess to them then diffidently go fire fang

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Easy Peasy: Ice Fang
You know how common Dragons are in the meta and plus you get that coverage on Ground and Grass. Simple. Hope it helped.

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