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As a Grass/Poison type, he actually has fewer weaknesses (4) than a Grass type (5). He also has STAB for both Grass moves (like Giga Drain) and Poison moves (like Sludge Bomb). I know he's a tad slow, but his stats are pretty good overall (especially Special Defense and Special Attack).

You asked why Venusaur is underrated/underused, I told you why. Because it doesn't fit on teams as easily as other grass types and is extremely passive too.

Yeah back when Sun was permanent in Gen 5 Venu was a great sun sweeper. Got double speed and doubled it's offence with growth, was an insanely good mixed sweeper.
I agree Venusaur is underrated, but isn't this question a bit opionated?
I think this question is fine. It can be answered objectively, that's already started to happen in the comments above.
It depends on the format. In Generation 7 OU, it's good only as a mega evolution. Without mega evolving, it has too any weaknesses to be defensive and too little speed to be offensive.
Venasaur is underrated but I have no idea why. Give it a choice scarf and it can sludge bomb everything without mercy

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Yes, I would say it is underated. Every stat category is above average in MY opinion. Its move pool was not the best, but Generation 4 added a variety of great moves to teach. Also, if it has a nature that benefits his Spec. Attack...even better.

Base Stats:

HP - 80
Attack - 82
Defense - 83
Spec. Attack -100
Spec. Defense - 100
Speed - 80

Who can complain about that for a Grass type with Poison, too?

Note: I'd go with Charizard or Blastoise over Venusaur 7 days a week.

It's stats are actually pretty average. Also you didn't talk about why Venusaur beyond that. What does Venusaur do? What does it beat? What is it's role? What beats it? Is it offensive or defensive? Why is it better than other Pokemon who do the same thing?  Pros and Cons?
I answered the question off my opinion and gave my simple reason based on pure stats, and did not have to go beyond that. It is rare to see a Pokemon with ALL stats above 80. Its specials are at 100. So, Venusaur is underrated I think, especially post Gen.4.

For your questions (if you wanted to post a separate question or 7, you could have) - it  can be both offensive and defensive. It is all about how you use the Pokemon with the moves you teach. Your role for Venusaur may be completely different than mine. Simple Pokemon math will determine who beats it and who it can beat.
Yes but some roles Venusaur take are less viable than others. There's a lot of factors that go into viability and you haven't touched on any of them. While being underrated or overrated is opinion there are still objective elements on it that you haven't discussed.

In fairness to you I'm not answering because I'm lazy and the full answer would take way too much time, so good on you for at least taking your time to have some sort of answer and not being lazy like me.