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Braixen seems to be based off of a knight to me because of how it attacks with the stick in it's tail. To me, it looks like Braixen is a knight attacking with a sword. Is Braixen based off of a knight or is it just based off of a fox?

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It's based off a witch/wizard/warlock.
Braixen may not be but Gardevoir is.

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It is unlikely that Braixen is related to a knight. As Bulbapedia's page on Braixen says, it uses the stick in its tail as a wand instead of a sword. On top of that, it doesn't seem to have a knight-like appearance at all.

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Also, its HA is magician.
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Doubtedly, Braixen is supposed to relate to a witch or certain witchcraft, you see, the stick in its tail is not so much a sword as a wand or broom. Plus, it is based after a woman's posture. :D