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I really want to know, its one of my, if not my favourite Pokemon. And I actually don't know, I'm just curious.
Thank you!


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Luxray is most likely based on a lion, as seen my its magnificent mane :3

Luxray is based on an adult male lynx or lion, or possibly the constellation Lynx or Leo, due to the fact that it resembles the animals and bears a star shape on the end of its tail. Furthermore, in European mythology, the lynx was said to have the power to see through solid objects, exactly like Luxray.


Luxray may be derived from lux (Latin for light) and x-ray (referring to its x-ray vision).

From its Bulbapedia page.

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Hold on, it's not a dog?  '_'
Geeky, I can't tell if thats sarcasm or if you're serious XDD
Thanks! This was "quite" informative.
That wasn't sarcasm, I honestly thought it was a dog.