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Counting duplicates (but not fakes).

a lot lol
You mean how many copies of Pokemon cards there are or how many different Pokemon cards there are?
Different Pokemon cards with different designs (like a braxien design and then another braxien design.

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There you go! A list of every english-set of Pokemon cards and the number of cards per series.
I'm sure you can do the math ;P

Any other questions, please just comment!


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Sorry Bro! After nearly 6 years on the DB, I must've forgotten the rules! My mistake!
After reviewing the rules at your suggestion, I believe a link is an appropriate way to answer your question.
"A link is not an answer: In other words, an answer should be complete on its own where possible. **If the answer calls for a long list or a huge amount of detail, then it is fine to link to another site**, but otherwise put all the information in your answer."
Seeing as the link is a long list which thoroughly answers your question, I stand by my answer.