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I have a Focus-Sashed Gourgeist use Trick-Or-Treat on a normal Pokemon, turning it into a Ghost-Normal type, having it be weak to only Dark-Type moves, which are not so common.

It would still be very easy to beat with attacks that aren't super effective.
That's a very good point. And scrappy users can still hit for massive damage. Or dark types.

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Theoretically it sounds good but.... Can't you just use spritomb in NU for even less weaknesses?

Plus we kinda need your whole team and strategy to make a 100% accurate judgement.

(Forgive me if spritomb is in another tier, I don't use it much)

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Spiritomb is weak to fairy, so it isn't less weaknesses.
I didn't realise how good ghost/normal was haha
Only weak to dark. Spiritomb is far less effort tho, and can be used in singles.
Not that I particularly like either type combo. Sounds like they'll be slow and bulky
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There are much easier ways to get a Pokemon with one weakness. For example, the pure normal Pokemon you were planning to trick-or-treat already has only one weakness. This is a list of all type combinations (of one of two types) with one weakness (ignoring abilities).
normal, electric, bug steel, water ground, poison dark, normal ghost, ghost dark
By the way, are you sure NU doubles exists? According to Smogon, it doesn't.

Maybe s/he meant a custom format? Like its doubles but only uses NU mons.