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Ok, I swear on everything I wasn't hacking. I was doing a battle online and on the field was Decidueye, Tapu Lele, Ghost Oricorio, and some other Pokemon. Psychic Terrain was up and the Oricorio was at 1 HP. I forgot Psychic Terrain was up and I went for Sucker Punch. When I thought I played myself, the Sucker Punch landed and knocked out the Oricorio. Has this happened with anyone else?

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Who used sucker punch?
The Decidueye

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Oricorio Sensu is a Flying type and thus is not on the ground (despite its sprite, Pokemon logic.) So Psychic Terrain doesn't have the same rules on Flying type Pokemon so that is why.

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Darn I got ninja'd.
Or just wait 5 turns for the battleground field to dissipate.
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This terrain has the following effects on Pokémon that are on the ground.
It prevents affected Pokémon from being hit by moves with increased priority.

Oricorio is flying type, so it probably wasn't grounded.
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