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It's kind of a pain. Honestly at this point, with the Pokébank update and all-- I'm thinking I might just transfer them to bank then X, train em, and bring em' back haha.

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To my knowledge, once you bring a Pokemon to a Gen 7 game, you cannot bring it back to a Gen 6 game, even if the Pokemon existed before Gen 7.
Ya, I think so too, but maybe with 6gen and under mons, but I don't think so.
You can't do this btw I tried.  When the update first came out, that picture was a little misleading. But once a Pokémon is moved to sun/moon, that's all folks. You can only move them back and forth from pokebank at that point):
I'm pretty sure SOS battles are the easiest way.
Yeah it literally takes like 10 minutes or less after vitamins.

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I use the Poke Peligo island Poke Evelup to max out their stats or raise their stat to certain point and then use the EV berries found on Route 10 to lower their stats to the right point.

You still think it's less of a headache then the old- fashioned way?
in a way, they both have there perks, one is more precise, the other you don't have to do anything but wait.