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I thought I would try it and I thought there was a reason. why no one used it so I battled a a stockpilein Pokemon. and it took a quarter of smeargle health. in it stockpiled 3 and I guard split. when it stockpiled 3 so my question is. is there a reason why there is no strategy for it.

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Your question is very hard to read. Can you please add periods?
The main reason why it's bad is because you depend on opponents for defense boosts. If the opponent has an entire team of frail Pokemon, your strategy fails. If you can come up with a specific guard split strategy, I can tell you how it's bad or why another Pokemon can do it better.
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My problem is I can't get much worse than smeargle defensively.
Why do you want something that has very bad defenses? If your goal is to lower your opponents' defenses, it's much easier to just use screech.
Screech does not have good accuracy I'm not lowering my opponents I'm just gaining defense on my own
In that case, I don't know what you meant in the third comment. Do you mean that Smeargle has the worst defenses?
Another reason why guard split Smeargle is bad is because using guard split takes a turn, and the opponent can use that turn to use something like swords dance. If you use a Pokemon that already has good defenses, you don't give your opponents that free turn.
Yeah and just so you know I don't use it on every battle I sometimes use aqua ring. I'm also thinking of what to do on a Baton Pass smeargle now I know I'm going to need to do minimize maybe Swords Dance and coil possibly hone claws to set up into my sheer cold Lapras.
And I may have to do a separate question about that.
So why exactly would a guard split Smeargle be better than something like Skarmory or Toxapex?
I have both ........
That comment didn't make sense. If you have both, then why don't you just use the better one?
What you read the question wrong it is guard  spit
So why is guard split Smeargle better than standard Skarmory and Toxapex sets?

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I'm going to answer mainly for the purpose of taking this off the unanswered list. From my experience as a stall user, a big perk to having good defenses is the ability to switch into attacks and not take a lot of damage. Obviously Smeargle can't do that, no matter which moves it knows.

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