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If there's no riolu please tell me that as well.


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I am presuming that this is for an ingame team, so I would say that Hitmonlee is.

It has great attack and speed and a decent sp. def and is the easiest found, as it is obtained after beating the fighting dojo. I would have recommended Heracross, but it is found after beating the champion and Machamp is only available if you can trade.

Hitmonlee is a bro. Too bad it doesn't get Blaze Kick in FRLG.
Even if it did, it'd be awful for it, since all fire moves were special up to 3rd gen.
Oh shoot, I forgot about that detail.
Lots of people tend to it seems lol xD I only remember because 3rd gen was my childhood.
Makes sense — my first game was Diamond.
Exactly what I was thinking! (About the actual answer not the other comments).
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Hmmm, I would say Heracross is the best in my opinion but you can only obtain it very far into the game. If you want a good fighting type faster I would head after Hitmonlee. No you can't get Riolu sorry

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Machamp is the best non-legendary Fighting type Pokemon out there, but is it only obtainable through trade. Machoke is still a good choice, but you might prefer Hitmonlee since it is given to you for free by the Fighting Dojo and has very good speed and movepools.

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There is no fighting type legendary in FRLG.