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Just curious...

How much effort you put in, I think.
how is "effort" determined??
How easily opponent is defeated, if your pokemon faints...
That actually has no influence on the amount of dollar you get

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In the games, a Trainer pays out money based on a formula:
Where Base is the base payout of the Trainer class, and Level is the level of the last Pokémon in the Trainer's party.

Note that the last Pokémon is not always the highest level Pokémon - for example, in Generation II, Red pays out 7700 even though there is a level 81 Pikachu in his party, because the last Pokémon he has is his level 77 Blastoise, and in Generation IV, he pays out 16,800 despite the level 88 Pikachu because, again, the last Pokémon in his party is his Level 84 Blastoise.

In Multi Battles, the total payout is simply the sum of the payouts of the two Trainers if they had separate parties.

Example: Fighting a Beauty in Gen 1 with a lv20 Pokemon as their last one will get you 1400 Pokedollars.

tl;dr: The level of the trainer's last Pokemon x Base payout for their class in the generation you are battling in

Source, check the chart for base payouts for each trainer class.

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So, when battling Game Freak Director Morimoto in Hea Hea City, me has a level 62 Dragonite. So 62 x his class of Game Freak Director, what does that equal?
The chart doesn't seem to be updated with generation seven payouts, but he pays 5952 pokedollar according to his page on bulbapedia.
thats confusing?
Please elaborate? What are you confused on?

Each trainer class has a "base payout". You then take their last pokemon's level and multiply their base payout by that level. It is a very simple formula.
Oh ok, Thanks. So, level x base = 62 x 96=5952 pokedollars. Thank you so much for your help.