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My Guzzlord knocks out a Noivern with Draco Meteor. Beast Boost activates, and my Special Attack goes up +1. Opponent sends in their next Pokémon.

Nothing appeared on my screen to indicate that my Special Attack harshly fell, as is usually the case with Draco Meteor. I look at Guzzlord's status and it says he is at +1 Sp. Atk, meaning Draco Meteor never lowered it. There were no other stat boosts/drops that occurred in previous turns. The only other thing on that screen is that he is subjected to Torment (if it means anything in this situation).

Why is this?

Did it receive any special attack boosts from before? Are you sure it was using draco meteor and not something else?
I said in the question that it had no other stat boosts or drops. And yes, it was Draco Meteor that I used.
what item were you holding?
It was holding Leftovers.

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Two answers. The first one is its just a glitch, since according to the scenario, it would be impossible. Its a simple glitch.
Second is if you traded for Guzzlord, or it was competitive. The answer could be it was hacked.

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Is it even reasonable to pass this off as a "simple glitch"? Games don't go on the market with simple glitches any more -- and if they did in this case, I doubt it could be found this easily without it receiving more attention.
I'm the OT of the Guzzlord I was using. It's not hacked.