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Title says it all.

I can't see why it wouldn't.
Yes when it's hit by smelling salts it will receive 50% less damage but as soon as the Pokemon is cured it lose the boost because it only applies WHILE it has a status condition.
I thought maybe it cured the paralysis first and then dealt damage.

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I realize I'm late, and I hope you accept PS! battles as proof, because, according to links 1 and 2 with and without Marvel Scale respectively, Marvel Scale does activate and reduce damage.

I was bored and curios as well so I thought I'd test it out on PS!, but don't have proof aside from that if you're not okay with it :/

I can reason it out so (spoiler: it's obvious)

It attack first, and then cures paralysis, so Marvel Scale is in effect at the time damage is calculated.

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Funny thing is, the first battle w/ Marvel Scale was a crit, so I deleted the link, but then the first battle with Shed Skin was also a crit, so it would still have counted. RNG Gods made me waste about 30 seconds more xD