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I entered a code to get the stones for Audino and Mawile. Because of it, I now have two Beedrilites and two Pidgeotites.(I had participated in the Kanto x Alola competition.) I want to trade off the extra but I'm not sure if that will even work.

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They are tradable in XY/ORAS.
I'm pretty sure HoennFTW meant trading among Generation 7 games, not transferring from Generation 6 to 7.
Yep, that's what I meant
@Astronautical They are not. I tried it before.
You can trade Mega Stones. You either must have tried to trade an ORAS Mega Stone that wasn't the Latiosite or Latiasite to X/Y or done something incorrectly.

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Yes, you can trade Pokémon holding Mega Stones between Gen 7 games. I discovered it the lucky way, but it was worth it. Straight to the point:

I had my Charizard holding a Charizardite Y and the other guy asked to see my Pokémon via link trade. When I showed him my Charizard holding the Mega Stone he said he wanted it. I carefully chose what I wanted: He had a Marshadow! I didn't know it was possible to trade special Pokémon even via link trade, but IT IS. I accepted and voilá! I didn't know it was possible to trade both situations.

I tested it online. The Marshadow is legit. I don't have Marshadium-Z of course, but I have Marshadow, who cares? Just needed some hyper training.

Can you trade pokémon holding Mega Stones? Yes.

Can you trade special Pokémon like Marshadow, Arceus, Magearna? Yes.

Advance in the Battle Tree, guys. There are plenty of lazy trainers who want your Mega Stones for rare Pokémon they don't want/don't like.

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Yes like past the last gen you can trade mega stones but I don't think you can on the GTS

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Have you tried?
In Generation 6, you could NOT trade mega stones, not even through GTS.
Actually, you could trade Mega Stones in Gen 6.
NO, whenever I tried to trade a Pokémon that has its Mega stone on it (XY, if you were referring to ORAS then I don't know), it wouldn't allow me to trade it!
Then how come the Latiosite and Latiasite can be traded to X/Y?
Hellfire is right. You can trade Mega Stones in Gen 6.
Then, how come this has not worked for me?!