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Physically, Primarina draws inspiration from sea lions and mermaids. This is seen in its performance stances, its past evolutions, and its mermaid-like tail and hair.

Primarina is also based off sirens, creatures in mythology who were said to lure in sailors with their enchanting music and voices. This is seen in several moves Primarina can learn (e.g., Sing, Disarming Voice), including its signature move Sparkling Aria and its Z-move Oceanic Operetta.

Primarina can also be inspired by selkies, mythological creatures who are both seals and humans.

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Sirens had mermaid tails as well.
I thought they were like evil bird people who lived on rocks at sea, but I can see there being different versions of them
those were the greek sirens
primarina looks like a selkie to me
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A mermaid....

A mermaid seel....
Not a mermaid, a siren. But, you were close.