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The thing on the back of Primarina's head: is that hair or what? And if that is hair, why is Primarina 87.5% male, 12.5% female? Include sources!

I think the reason why it's 87.5% male is that Gamefreak wanted breeding to be more difficult since the offsprings are the same evolution line as the female one. I'm not too sure.

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Yes, that is hair. Primarina is supposed to resemble a "cross between a sea lion and a mermaid." Mermaids are typically feminine and have long hair, so it would make sense for its design to include this attribute. If you're still not convinced, Bulbapedia says it themselves: "long light blue hair trailing off the back of its head."

The reasoning for the gender ratio is quite simple: every single starter Pokemon has a gender ratio of 87.5% male to 12.5% female. The reasoning behind this, however, is unknown. Most people theorize that GameFreak does this to give starters a higher degree of rarity compared to normal Pokemon, as you will need a Ditto to obtain more instead of just being able to do this with any old compatible Pokemon.


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