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I was thinking of making competetive teams, but is it worth it if I will only ever use them In-game?

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It's probably not worth your time to farm all those bottle caps. If you make them on Showdown!, you won't need to farm bottle caps, so you only waste about 15 minutes per team.
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I have a rockruff with great speed tho
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If you are not planning on competitive battling, there is no use other than doing it for fun. Competitive teams are geared towards a different environment than play-through teams, so certain moves and roles common in competitive battling are a waste of a slot in-game (i.e. defensive and support Pokemon and moves). It's up to you if it's worth it.

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your not really reading the question. are they good just to have, is there a good use for them ingame?
>are they good just to have, is there a good use for them ingame?
Read the first sentence of my answer.
battle tree maybe?
Battle Tree is stretching it because you don't have a human opponent which neuters a lot of competitive strategies. I mean you're not going to blow with a competitive team, but you'd be better off just using all attackers.
fine, I'll just use loads of EV trained badasses
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It's a strange question because if you want to buil a competitive team, do it. Questioning if it is worth or not it's useless. You can partecipate events like tournaments or just battle your friends. And a off-topic answer: if your internet is so bad try to go near your router or turn off some devices connected to the internet if you can then try and battle online.

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