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I have 6 IV Ditto and I am currently trying to breed for an at least 5 IV Roserade but, I'm only getting three and twos, I breed with my Inkay and Mantine and I got five even six IVs, am I doing something wrong? P.S I DO HAVE DESTINY KNOT ON MY DITTO, AND AN EVERSTONE ON MY ROSERADE

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You're probably just getting unlucky.  Your Roserade probably doesn't have good IVs, which are being passed on.  You could use one of the 3 IV Roselia/Budews that you're getting to increase the chances.
If you give a destiny knot to the Ditto, you should get a higher chance to pass down the perfect IVs from Ditto.
I forgot to say that I did have destiny knot, sorry if that confused you. It was added by the way.

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Give a Destiny Knot to your Ditto, and breed it with one of the babies.

EDIT: whoops didn't read that you're already using a Destiny Knot, but yeah, breed the Ditto with one of the babies as they'll have better IVs than the Roserade.

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He already said he was using a destiny knot.