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So, I just had probably one of the luckiest 5 minutes in my life. I was grabbing the Flamethrower TM in Sun and Moon, and as I was leaving I encountered a shiny Golbat that could turn out good. I caught in a Repeat Ball and was shaking from that alone. At the same time, Manaphy appeared in my Magikarp Jump game. I clicked on it, and the Luvdisc and Corsola swam through. And lo and behold, a shiny Luvdisc. I just sat there in shock. I have only seen 3 shiny Pokemon that are my own before this, so 2 in a few minutes in surprising, not to mention that one of them probably shouldn't be possible. So, I just want to confirm, is that shiny Luvdisc my eyes tricking me, a cruel hack or legitimate luck. Any answers?

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what is this game? I've never heard of it, is it an app?
Yep, it's an app. You train up Magikarp to jump, and there are lots of designs. You travel through leagues, with your partners.

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This is not your eyes' deception! Shiny Luvdisc and Shiny Corsola have been sighted in the game when they are summoned by Manaphy. Given the few sightings that I have seen online so far, I assume this is a pretty rare occurrence. Congratulations!

Hope I helped. :)

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Thanks a lot! Now, I'm expecting the shiny hunt for those to begin (for others). :P
I saw a shiny Corsola the first time Manaphy appeared, it went by quick though so I couldn't get a screenshot on time D: given how rare they are, I assume it's the regular shiny chances (1/4096) for a shiny to appear in that game.
Its not really rare because ive gotten two shiny magikarps by the 10th generation/magikarp, and seen 3 shiny corsola