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I want to know how much happiness my Riolu currently has and I rather not resort to using calculations with return.


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The friendship rater is in Konikoni City. These are the things she says when the Pokemon's happiness is a certain number.
255: "My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you!"
200-254: "You clearly love your <Pokémon>, and you must spend a lot of time together."
150-199: "Hm. I'd say that you and <Pokémon> have the potential to be an even greater combo."
100-149: "Hmmm. I think…it feels friendly toward you. At least a little…"
50-99: "Hmmm… I'd say that you and your Pokémon still have a long way to go."
1-49: "What is going on here? Do you let it get knocked out a lot in battles or something? This is bad."
0: "Oh dear. You must be a merciless Trainer… Do you use Frustration or just not know better?"

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For S/M, there should be a "Friendship Judge" in Konikoni City who will say one of several phrases depending on the happiness level of your Pokémon.

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You need to go to Konikoni City on Akala Island. Look for a female Veteran Trainer.

Source: Experience.