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Moltres LV42 HP300

Wing Attack - 60
Sky Attack - 240

2009 Pokemon/Nintendo

How much is it worth?!


My apologies for such a late reply as I was caught up with academics. I have provided two pictures below, as you can see in the second picture, the card is reflective. I am hoping this is not a fake and can be worth some money. Any reply would be useful.

Many thanks.

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I'm no tcg expert, but I'm pretty sure that if I was, I would ask if you could provide a picture
It's most likely fake.

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There were two Moltres cards that came out in 2009, and this one has the attacks that you listed.

Unfortunately, it only has 100 HP. Wing Attack and Sky Attack also only do 20 and 80 damage, respectively. So, we have two scenarios.

First, it could be a fake card. This is the most likely scenario. If you look at your card, especially the energy symbols and the description text, you will likely find that they are the wrong size or are a bit off-centre, both of which are indicative of a fake card (this is where providing a picture of the card would be very helpful).

Normally I would just say "it's a fake" and stop there, but there is an odd coincidence with the HP and damage values: they are 3x the numbers of the real card. I think that this means there is a possibility of the card being a misprint, rather than a fake, where the printer glitched and accidentally tripled all of the numbers. However, despite this generous assumption, that Moltres does not appear on eBay's list of Pokémon card misprints.

If the card is fake — and this is by far the most likely scenario — then it is worth nothing. However, if it is a misprint, you may be able to get some money for it. Without a picture and a definitive "fake" or "not fake" answer, however, there is no telling what the value of your card might be.

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Well those are errors that the person who made the article has come across so that person may not have come across that card if it is an error.