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Please don't question my curiosity.


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Sadly, no. Only the Pokèmon obtainable in-game have Pokèdex descriptions, the ones obtainable only trhough using Pokebank have no Pokedex entries. Fun fact: The Mega Evolutions of the Pokèmon that you can buy the Mega Stones in the Battle Tree have no Pokedex entries of their own.

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Do they appear on the Pokedex at all?
No; SuMo did away with a National Dex entirely. PokeBank exclusives don't even have a dex number on their summary. Pokemon Bank has its own national dex, but Pokemon there still don't have SuMo dex entries unless they were in the game; they only have XY and ORAS entries.
So I've been collecting EVERY Pokemon for NOTHING?!
You can get satisfaction and bragging rights.
Hilarious. Really.
That's pretty much the only things you can get from playing any game.
True dat, man, true dat.