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For example, all six of Glalie's base stats are 80.

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Arceus (base 120)
Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin Land Forme, Manaphy, Victini (base 100)
Silvally (base 95)
Glalie, Phione (base 80)
Castform (base 70)
Spinda (base 60)
Snorunt (base 50)
Tyrogue (base 35)
Sunkern (base 30)

Carefully double-checked with this.

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Let me know if I missed any!
Spinda is base 65. You missed Snorunt and Tyrogue.
No, Spinda is 60, I checked. But thank you for pointing out the other two, I knew I was missing a base 50 one!
Thank you!

Silvally's stats are 95 which equals a BST of 570.
Thank you :)