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From every Generation.


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Kanto games
-Snorlax (all games)
-Electrode (FR/LG)
-Hypno (FR/LG)

Johto games
-Lapras (all games)
-Sudowoodo (all games)
-Electrode (all games)
-Shiny Gyarados (all games)
-Snorlax (all games)

Hoenn games
-Kecleon (all games)
-Electrode (all games)
-Voltorb (OR/AS)
-Spiritomb (OR/AS)

Sinnoh games
Serebii didn't have any info for some reason?? I'll check some other places soon, but if anybody knows some then please let me know and I'll update this answer.

Unova games
-Darmanitan (all games)
-Foongus (all games)
-Amoonguss (all games)
-Musharna (all games)
-Zoroark (B/W only, also only available if you transfer Raikou, Entei or Suicune to your game)
-Volcarona (all games)
-Braviary (White 2)
-Mandibuzz (Black 2)
-Crustle (B/W 2)
-Jellicent (B/W 2, you get a male in Black 2 and female in White 2)
-shiny Haxorus (B/W 2)

Kalos games
-Snorlax (all games)

Alola games
-Alolan Exeggutor

Source: Going through all the main series games and checking Serebii's "interactable Pokemon" pages.
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I know that Sinnoh has Drifloon, but I don't remember any others. Also, in Sun/Moon there's the Exeggutor on Exeggutor Island.
I remember the Battle Frontier in Emerald had a Sudowoodo similar to Johto.
Spiritomb in sinoh games
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The other answer used Serebii, which was apparently incomplete, so these Pokemon were missed.

Hoenn games
Voltorb (all)
Sudowoodo (Emerald)

Sinnoh games
Spiritomb (all)
Rotom (all)

Alola games
Tapu Koko (all)
Tapu Lele (all)
Tapu Bule (all)
Tapu Fini (all)

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Thanks, but aren't the Tapus and UBs classified as legends?
I thought what the asker meant by "overworld" is overworld sprites. Like, you interact with an object that IS that Pokémon, not one that summons that Pokémon. But I could be wrong, of course. Either way, I don't think the UBs count because you just run around in the tall grass until they show up.
The Tapus and ultra beasts have BSTs of 570. A Pokemon needs at least 580 to be legendary.
Where are Rotom and Banette in the Kalos games?
They're random encounters when you interact with certain trashcans. Not really an "overworld encounter," just a unique encounter experience.
I think if the trashcan encounters counted, then really rock smash encounters count too, their sprite isn't in the overworld like I think is what's being asked for
No, trash bins and rock smash rocks do not count.
Neither do Ultra Beasts.